About Us: SCNetwork Board & Leadership

SCNetwork Board & Leadership

SCNetwork is constituted with a National Board with representatives from across the different communities in which we serve. 

President Suanne Nielsen
789 Don Mills Road
21st Floor
Toronto, ON
M3C 1T9

tel: (416) 467-2509 
fax: (416) 467-2573
email: sbonner@foresters.com
Past President Ian Hendry
Karian & Associates
50 Charlton Boulevard
Toronto, ON

tel: (416) 512-8256 
email: ian.hendry@karian.ca
Executive Committee Members Brian Hughes CHRL
Canadian Bearings Ltd.
1600 Drew Road
Mississauga, ON

tel: (905) 670-6704 
fax: (905) 670-8526
email: brian.hughes@canadianbearings.com
  Sue Nador
The Relationship Deal
141 Hampton Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4K 2Z3

tel: (416) 466-3010 
email: sue@therelationshipdeal.com
  Edmond Mellina M.Eng
ORCHANGO | Making Change & Innovation Stick
63 Beaconsfield Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6J 3J1

tel: (416) 607-6474 
email: emellina@orchango.com
  Tracey White
Strategy In Action
1402-66 Pacific Avenue
Toronto, ON

tel: (416) 908-3799 
email: tracey.white@strategyinaction.ca
  Stephanie Paquet Ph.D., CHRP
LHH Knightsbridge
215 9th Avenue SW
Suite 1910
Calgary, AB

tel: (587) 880-4335 
email: stephanie.paquet@lhhknightsbridge.com

Communities operate on a fully autonomous basis, which allows them to meet the specific needs of the local community. We recognize that one size does not fit all. 

Administration and Leadership Contacts for SCNetwork Regions