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The Age of Skills Disruption and Transformation: What does it mean for you and your organization?

Event Date: Thursday, Mar 15, 2018
Event Time: 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Venue(s): SAIT - MacDonald Hall (located in the Heritage Hall building)
Presenter(s): Javier Lozano
Agenda: 7:00 - 7:30 AM: Registration/Networking
7:30 - 9:00 AM: Session
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By the end of the next decade, intelligent machines and systems will enter the workforce at an unprecedented rate. Research organizations estimate that over the next two decades, between 30% and up to 60% of current jobs will be partially or fully automated. Artificially intelligence will be responsible for everyday business transactions and decisions. Human-like robots will be answering all our questions using natural language, while autonomous vehicles will be driving themselves around the world and redefining industries beyond transportation.

Welcome to the age of artificial intelligence and digital employees. The expertise and competencies that made you and your company successful, and relevant in the 20th century might not be required in the future. The need for digital evolution is no longer an option, but an imperative for survival. Businesses and individuals must learn to adapt their leadership capabilities and organizational design strategies, as much as they need to evolve and improve technology competency. Important questions need to be asked and the journey of finding answers might change the way we design ourselves and businesses in the future.

This session has been planned to provide a framework to help us prepare answering these questions:

  • Is my company prepared to adopt and thrive in the era of synthetic intelligence?
  • Am I prepared for a journey of continuous learning and digital evolution?
  • Is my job part of history or the future?
  • What is the workforce of the future?

Disruption is the new normal and change is affecting businesses, jobs and people across all industries. More than ever it is crucial to mobilize ourselves and our organizations to take advantage of the digital revolution with the skills to lead the way and seize opportunities.





Javier Lozano is an independent business transformation strategist focused on the intersection of the future of work and technology innovation. Javier’s value proposition is helping organizations and small communities across Canada plan and develop their innovation strategy.

Javier’s approach to innovation is centred on improving organizational capabilities by reclaiming capacity while redesigning and redistributing technology, talent and skills across the organization.
From business strategy alignment to organizational design, Javier’s goal is about empowering people to deliver sustainable performance for tomorrow’s digital enterprise by making innovation the central issue of business growth, and the new “must have” capability of every organization.

As a Managing Director at his boutique consulting firm in Western Canada, Javier is a catalyst for transformational change and innovation; helping clients understand why continuous modernisation is the new normal and how omnipresent technology is transforming everyday life and businesses.

Javier is currently working with a select group of Credit Unions in British Columbia developing a financial technology innovation strategy and open data platform for advanced member relationship management and analytics in the Credit Union sector.

Javier has held leadership with organizations such as The Calgary Airport Authority, CWB, EMC Canada (formerly YottaYotta, Inc.), Johnson & Johnson and IBM.



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