About Us: Networking at SCNetwork

Networking at SCNetwork

Networking is an important part of our SCNetwork community experience. We have been paying close attention to your feedback about wanting more opportunities to connect with other members. This year, we introduced more table conversation at our events and a pre-event networking coffee from 7:30 – 8:00 AM at the National Club.

Our membership is a healthy mix of senior corporate professionals and consultants. We have a lot to learn from each other’s experience. We offer the following networking tips to enhance your networking experience at SCNetwork and maintain our high professional standards

Share your knowledge. Members are genuinely interested in learning from each other. Please be respectful of others’ time and boundaries. We have a strict non-solicit policy. Tell don’t sell.

Exchange business cards. Always ask, “may I have your business card” rather than offering your own. Then you can ask if they would like your card – not everyone will want to exchange cards. Ask for the card at the end of your chat, once a rapport has been established.

Be inclusive. Act as a host/ess rather than a guest. Offer to introduce people to others. Put other people at ease, e.g., ask ‘single’ people to join you or your group.

Disengage politely.  Spend limited time with any one person (more time is ok if in a group) so you have the opportunity to meet other people. You can offer to bring your new connection with you as you move on or use a closing statement like, "I've enjoyed meeting you, I would like to touch base with someone before the session starts…”,  or "You probably want to meet a few more people before the breakfast starts, I'll let you go. It was great to chat with you."

Focus on the other person: Demonstrating interest in the other person builds a better relationship. Networking is not about impressing others or dominating the conversation. Ask (questions) and offer( information or advise).

Adopt best networking practices: Some best networking practices include:


  • Arrive at events well before the program begins - a group is more likely to form around you.
  • Wear your name tag on the right side of your chest so that people see your name when they shake your hand.
  • Always offer your name first when introducing yourself along with a firm but short handshake and focused eye contact.
  • Use the person's name and reintroduce yourself to people whose name you might have forgotten.
  • Stand up - sitting down at a networking event limits meeting new people
  • Use generic open-ended questions (that don’t assume the person’s background) to kick start the conversation, e.g., "What is your interest in today's speaker?" or "What are you up to for the fall?"
  • Share something memorable when asked what's new or what have you been doing. Make the response non work related if work is not your stimulus at the moment, “I just came back from a few days in New York. What a mad house!”
  • Always follow up with what you say you are going to do as soon as possible. Make a note of your commitment on the business card and execute the action immediately. Return calls made to you, as a professional courtesy.