Membership: Protocols of Membership

Protocols of Membership We provide members with a forum for collegial discourse and professional development.

Given our mission, we wish to promote a community of professionals where all members can engage in an informal exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the Strategic Capability Network mandate.

This forum is intended as an open and non-judgmental, a marketplace of ideas. Therefore, in respect of these membership privileges with the SCNetwork, participants are not allowed to market or sell products or services, (including advertising of non-SCNetwork events) or use the network or membership list for any for-profit activities.

It is assumed that by payment of the annual membership fee, you are in agreement with, and abide by, these Protocols of Membership.

SCNetwork makes every effort to protect its members from third party access and has never sold member lists to third party agencies, despite frequent requests. Any member who believes this policy has been breached by a member or third-party should notify us immediately.

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