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In today’s grow-or-die marketplace, having the right talent strategy is crucial for an organization’s success.  Development Dimensions International helps companies systematically and creatively close the gap between the talent they have and the talent they need to drive future business.  DDI excel in:

  • Competency models that are linked directly to business strategy.
  • Screening and assessment, enabling companies to hire the right people with a full range of validated tests and assessments.
  • Behavior-based interviewing, helping hiring managers and recruiters make accurate hiring decisions.
  • Performance management to foster individual accountability and superior execution of strategic priorities.
  • Succession management expertise and assessment systems to make critical placement and promotion decisions.
  • Accelerated development to ensure people who are more productive faster by offering the widest range of topics for workforce to senior leadership levels.

DDI is all about giving clients the kind of sustainable business impact they want over the long term.  The work DDI does with clients is tied to their organization’s strategies and becomes part of their business and culture. For organizations that are multinational, DDI has precisely the kind of global resources needed to implement talent initiatives effectively and consistently worldwide.

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