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In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s not enough just to attract the best people - you’ve got to retain, motivate and engage them.  That’s why today’s corporate leaders understand the human element of their organizations. They understand the importance of celebrating people and that personal recognition is much more than just a goodwill gesture.

Recognition should be an integral part of your overall people strategy and an influential tool in your efforts to reinforce your unique corporate culture.  In fact, recognition is a strategic business tool that can contribute directly to your bottom line.

That's where we can help. We’re Rideau Recognition Solutions - North America’s leader in enterprise incentive management solutions.  We’re helping corporations recognize, reward and retain their most valued asset - their people. We offer a complete suite of scalable recognition, reward and incentive solutions customized for your unique business culture.

From concept to implementation, and from implementation to results, we'll be more than just a service provider; we’ll be your recognition solutions partner, helping you to build better business relationships by recognizing and celebrating the people that execute your competitive business strategies.

Your company strives for excellence.  Your people make it happen.  It’s time you got to know Rideau.  End-to-end recognition solutions to optimize your people, performance & profits.

We’re Rideau, since 1912.


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