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Posted: 2012-02-25 By David Wexler

A few years ago, the CEO of the large multi-national firm that I was a part of read a book that inspired him. The book was on "Leadership"; more specifically on the notion that leaders who know and can hold fast to their values and who practice these in spite of organizational pressures to act otherwise, command the hearts and commitment of their employees.

The book was and is a great read, and if interested, the title of the book is: "Bury My Heart At Conference Room", by author Stan Slap.

At the time, being as moved as he was by the book, the CEO purchased thousands of copies of the book at $25.95 U.S. each, and tasked the CHRO with distributing the book to all employees for them to read.

The CHRO in turn, sent boxes of the books to regional h.....

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