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A Review Of 2011 & Preview Of 2012

A Review Of 2011 & Preview Of 2012

Posted: 2011-12-26 By David Wexler

What a year it's been, personally, professionally, and as a member of society.

On a personal note, I got to test myself in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and came away convinced that with great luck, faith in oneself and one's peers, and by breaking down seemingly monumental tasks into small steps, anything is do-able.

Professionally, I moved back to Toronto, and divided my year between an incredibly successful Private Equity firm, and an incredibly exciting Social Media start-up. Seemingly these firms are at the opposite ends of the wealth spectrum, with one managing billions in assets and the other mere millions. What becomes apparent though is that both firms succeed because of visionary leadership. The test will come as both continue to scale. Can visionary f.....

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