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Searching for Mr. or Ms. Good CEO

Searching for Mr. or Ms. Good CEO

Posted: 2011-11-13 By David Wexler

Last week, I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion with 30 or so CEOs from Technology Companies. The topic was on sourcing executive talent, and the discussions were both thoughtful as well as revealing in terms of the challenges expressed by the CEOs, and some of the approaches that they employ to address these.

Amongst the challenges raised by CEOs were the following:
  1. When and how to introduce a change agent onto a stable and long-tenured executive team.
  2. When and how to deal with an Executive who is no longer keeping up, as needed.
  3. Whether or not to put your best offer on the table when negotiating an executive hire.
  4. When it makes sense to work with an Executive Search firm.
  5. How.....

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