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HR is key in Mergers and Acquisitions

HR is key in Mergers and Acquisitions

Posted: 2011-08-18 By David Wexler

Mergers & Acquisitions continue to exhibit great strength in the Canada with a just released report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) indicating that there were 836 such transactions during the second quarter of this year, worth approximately $57 Billion (the strongest deal quarter in Canada since 2008).

This should not come as a surprise, as Companies can either grow internally (organically) or through acquisition, and with Companies fully stocked with record amounts of cash these days, and many publicly traded Companies still trading at low market cap multiples, acquisitions are and will continue to look extremely attractive in driving further growth.

What this means for HR professionals is that we can expect to be kept busy over the next several.....

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