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Do We Need To Slow The Pace Of Change In HR?

Do We Need To Slow The Pace Of Change In HR?

Posted: 2013-01-29 By David Wexler

I am reminded of the old adage…”be careful of what you wish for”, when I think of the state of Human Resources as a practice, these days.

As the pace of business innovation continues to accelerate, so too, I find, are the pressure and influences being brought to bear on Human Resources practices.

Gone are the days when a compensation plan was good for several years; an HRIS meant a multi-year licensing (or buy with depreciation) commitment; and when employee communications meant drafting an email or word document.

Looking at the multiple influences on HR these days, one quickly notices the variety of job posting mediums and the evolving multi-media and interactive nature of these. One also notices the abund.....

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