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Working Remotely/Telecommuting

Working Remotely/Telecommuting

Posted: 2013-02-27 By David Wexler

I think that Yahoo surprised the technology industry today, and perhaps many who are in the habit of permitting their employees to work remotely, by rescinding this privilege for all Yahoo employees worldwide.

It is a bold and potentially risky move by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer as she continues to turn around the fortunes of the Company.

It is also though, a timely reminder for HR leaders everywhere that the ability to work remotely is truly a privilege, and not a right, and is subject to being changed or discontinued based on organizational needs.

Who wouldn’t like to have complete freedom to work from home, or from some other venue than the office whenever this suits them?

Sold on this as a means of reducing facilities-related expenses (which are a.....

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