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Valuing Businesses-An HR Take On Things

Valuing Businesses-An HR Take On Things

Posted: 2013-05-21 By David Wexler

Last week, at an excellent and enjoyable SCNetwork event exclusively for Corporate Subscribers, I, along with other attendees had an opportunity to hear from two members of the investing professionals community; individuals who derive their livelihoods by making the right calls on which public and private companies to invest in.

The purpose of the session was to help educate the HR audience on how investors determine whether or not to recommend investments, and there was discussion around strategy, leadership, and the various numerical variables that drive this decision-making.

I thought that both speakers did a marvelous job in talking about the numbers: how cash flow, EBITDA, ROE, D/E ratios, and IRR trends over time tell a lot abou.....

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