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When Are You Ready To Lead HR?

When Are You Ready To Lead HR?

Posted: 2013-10-31 By David Wexler

I recently attended a SHRM conference in San Diego, along with 400 fellow HR professionals from around the world, and during a roundtable luncheon discussion with six Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO), the question was asked: “What was your journey in becoming a CHRO?”

The answers were varied as you might suspect, with some on the panel answering that they had come up the ranks through Recruiting; some through OD; some through leading Compensation; and others through a senior HR Business Partner role. 

The path taken in many cases seemed to be dictated more by the orientation of the company (e.g. did it place more value on the compensation function; did it place more value on the talent function), than by the qualities and qualifications of the indiv.....

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