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The Implications Of The Changing Physical Work Environment

The Implications Of The Changing Physical Work Environment

Posted: 2014-05-12 By David Wexler

It wasn’t that long ago, when the formula for office space design went something like this:

Cubicles and open rows of desks for non-management, and then progressively larger and more elaborately laid out offices for progressively more senior members of management. 

The CEO and select leaders had at least one, and in the case of the CEO, often times two assistants to aid with both corporate and personal/community related work.

Additionally, there’d be a highly secured I.T./data centre and usually a secure area for HR and certain highly confidential areas for sub-groups within Finance, Product Development, Legal, and Marketing.

Finally, there’d be very small coffee and kitchen spaces in most corporate office locations, and a .....

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