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Should We Pay for Whistle-Blowing

Should We Pay for Whistle-Blowing

Posted: 2011-04-04 By David Wexler

This was the headline title of a recent National Post editorial written by Edward Waitzer, the new Chairman of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

For those interested in his arguments in favour of a whistle-blower programme as part of a concerted effort to enhance an enforcement regime at the OSC, I invite you to visit the National Post archives.

In the editorial however, Mr. Waitzer does make reference to the recently introduced programme in the U.S., under the Dodd-Frank Act, which authorizes payment to whistle-blowers of 10% to 30% of any monetary sanctions of over $1 million recovered as a result of original information about securities and commodities law violations.

It is understandable that in light of serious transgressions committed in both the U.....

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