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Making Sure the Employee Fits The Job

Making Sure the Employee Fits The Job

Posted: 2011-05-02 By David Wexler

Traditionally, Managers (often-times with HR & Finance encouragement), look to hire employees who fit with the job spec. Many will have seen or heard ads run by search firms and posting boards that inject humour into hypothetical "what if" situations, when we fail to hire according to the specs. One has only to imagine someone being hired to fly a plane, who is a florist, (not to demean florists by any means), to get the point. So, yes, there is absolutely a need, in cases, where the technical requirements for the position are clear, compelling, and complex, to hire according to spec. 

Is this true though, in all cases? And, even in those situations, is there ever a case for over-hiring? And, what about over-paying?  Sayings like: "a role only gets defi.....

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