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Working Long Hours? Better Buy A Defibrillator

Working Long Hours? Better Buy A Defibrillator

Posted: 2011-07-05 By David Wexler

Recently, the Globe & Mail ran an article, entitled: "Working Long Hours? Better Buy A Defibrillator"

The gist of the article is that a comprehensive long term study has shown that, no matter how healthy a person is, simply putting in an extra hour of work, after an eight hour day, increases the risk of heart attack by 20 percent.

Of even greater note (and alarm), people who put in 11 hours or more a day increase their cardiovascular risk by a whopping 67 percent.

Now there are those who will consider such statistics as alarmist and not reliable, however studies in Europe and Asia have borne out the greatly increased risk of heart attacks for such individuals, regardless of sex, ethnicity, and age.<.....

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