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Have you heard? Disruption helps you grow.

SCNetwork Newsletter: UPCOMING EVENTS - LEVERAGING DISRUPTIVE TALENT @ The Albany Club, November 14, 2017, 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
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SCNetwork Toronto Region Newsletter

In her recent blog article, titled From disruption to disruptors: Are our core values ready? in Canadian HR Reporter, president of SCNetwork, Suanne Nielsen says that "when considering disruption, we can a) be a fast follower and copy the unique disruptive offering, b) diagnose where the elements of disruption are occurring and strategically work towards merging with those organizations, and c) create a climate of disruption within our own organization through ideation and collaboration processes that will stimulate innovation."

In their 2017 Global Talent Trends report, with insights from over 400 senior executives, 1,700 HR professionals, and 5,400 employees from 20 industries and 37 countries, Mercer identified “Empowerment in a Disruptive World” as the underlying necessity recognized by all the participants of their study. The four key disruptive streams were growth by bold design changes in organizations, adoption of new rewards paradigms, customized employee experiences, and use of predictive analytics.

However, our upcoming speaker, Michelle Moore, says as business leaders, to consider disruption and to leverage it effectively, we need to “find the right type of disruptors, engage disruptive talent in a way that aligns to their organizational commitment and readiness, and invest sufficient energy and effort to maximize the engagement and success of disruptive talent.”

No doubt, disruption aids growth.

The big question is - how can we prepare to embrace disruptors?

The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Competing in the new normal requires organizations to find talent who do things in differently. Such talent needs the support of those who can spot fresh opportunities, challenge the status quo, and generate and implement truly unique and innovative ideas that have the potential to deliver significant impact-value.

However, many of today’s disruptors struggle to work within the constraints of a traditional organization. Not all disruptors are created equally. Investing in the wrong type of talent can cause significant chaos, negatively impacting business performance and organizational culture. To achieve optimized results, business leaders need to find the right type of disruptors, engage them in a way that aligns with the organization’s commitment and readiness, and invest in those disruptors to maximize engagement and success.

Our speaker, Michelle Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Product Development at LHH Knightsbridge will share her insights on how to achieve this tricky balance. Her specialized knowledge in digital transformation and experience in helping individuals maximize personal effectiveness for career success, adds further value to the urgency of this topic.

In an extended session, Michelle will provide a full 360 point-of-view of how/when innovation meets culture during transformation. Additionally, for an experiential understanding of the impact, you’ll hear from a panel of industry leaders who have navigated the onboarding and engaging of disruptive talent, as well as the point of view of disruptors themselves.

  • Jill Moore, AVP, Talent Acquisition, Sunlife Financial will describe the experience from the employer’s perspective when she introduced a ‘disruptor’ to the organization;
  • Bernard Lebelle, National Innovation Director, Deloitte, will share his own lived experience as a disruptor;
  • Tim Hewat, Partner, Executive Search, Amrop LHH Knightsbridge will highlight what employers are looking for from a disruptor and advice on managing the challenges; and
  • Dr. Tracey Cocivera, VP Coaching, Talent & Leadership Development, LHH Knightsbridge will focus on the increasing demand for coaching in organizations when the disruptor creates waves in the existing culture.
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The National Club
3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

"Teams don't become high performance because we don’t clarify the basics", says Scott Kress.

"Join us for our annual holiday event when for a presentation by an outstanding and celebrated Canadian mountaineer and adventurer, Scott Kress.

"Scott has spent a lifetime working with high performance teams in thin air - quite literally. He understands that to climb the highest mountains in the world and return to tell the tale, the support of a fully engaged team is crucial. He'll share his secrets with us.

"For Scott, the key ingredients of a world-class team are: leadership, focus, well-defined roles, shared resources, transparent communications, and united effort. Yet, despite knowledge of these truisms, corporate leaders often fail in their efforts to build highly performing teams. He’ll help us understand why this happens.

"You will gain:

  • An understanding of why high-performance teams are difficult to build
  • Insights into the anatomy of highly engaged teams, and how you can build them
  • A clarification of team impact and why it's critical now more than ever
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Check out the highlights of our presentation on "Creating an Innovation Culture" by CEB Research Leader, Atul Dighe to continue the conversation on how business leaders can develop a culture of innovation within their organizations.



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