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Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.

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Verna Myers' quote is a good place to begin when we think about diversity and inclusion (D&I). Achieving parity in the workforce is one of the biggest challenges facing HR practitioners today, but D&I is not merely an HR imperative. It is a human one, to be embraced universally within an organization. One of the reasons why D&I initiatives fail is because many struggle to understand the nuances that separate the two terms. While diversity accounts for all the differences that make a human unique, inclusion stands for the value we place on these differences and how we use them to leverage organizational results.

Stats Can’s 2016 census found some key D&I results effecting our labour market and working patterns of Canadians in the face of rapid economic and social evolutions. Some of the highlights of these findings indicated that:

  • More people are working past the age of 65.
  • Fewer core-aged men (those aged 25 to 54) are working full-time all year.
  • Immigrants accounted for nearly one-quarter of Canada's labour force in 2016.
  • Employment rates increased for Métis women and held steady for off-reserve First Nations women.
  • More managerial positions were occupied by men than by women in May 2016 (62.2% versus 37.8%).
  • Women outnumbered men four to one in health occupations.
  • Men comprised just over three-quarters of computer and information systems professionals (76.9%) in 2016.

Thus, we bring to our members a presentation in May from Renée Bazile-Jones, Senior Director, Learning, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, where we hope to challenge your D&I notions, and make a business case for it. In the mean time, this recent article from The Washington Post is an effective primer on the far-reaching consequences of having men outnumber women, an eventuality that China and India are grappling with right now.

The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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This is not just another diversity presentation!

Human Resource professionals have long been tasked with managing issues of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). In many organizations, the usual approach is a numbers game, based on identity diversity linked to hiring practices (the number of women in the C suite, the number of racial minorities we can see represented in the workforce, etc.) or changing customer demographics.

But in an economy driven by innovation, where do Diversity and inclusion fit and why are they important to your business?

At this session, Renée Bazile-Jones, Senior Director, Learning, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion will:

  • Challenge the notion that D&I is all about the numbers;
  • Reframe the business case for D&I to talk to the ROI for developing an ecosystem for innovation;
  • Provide some practical, measurable measure you can take to apply this new paradigm in your organization; and
  • Energize your role as a D&I ally
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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

A must-attend event for our CHROs.

Like a boomerang, two of our past University presenters are coming back to update us on their research. Why? Because you told us they were great; that their topics resonated with you; and that you would have liked a deeper dive. Dr. Catherine Connelly, Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Organizational Behaviour at McMaster University, and Dr. Kristyn Scott, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour at Ryerson University will lead a session that will unfold in three acts.

ACT 1: The professors will take turns talking about: Knowledge Hiding in Organizations and Organizational Cynicism.

ACT 2: Each professor will pair up with a CHRO. A lively point/counterpart discussion will follow.

ACT 3: You’ll work in groups, and the live audience will engage in discussions about all they’ve learned. The event will close with the panel of professors and CHROs responding to questions and suggestions.

ENCORE: The two professors will provide an exclusive “sneak preview” of research studies currently underway at their respective universities.

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND? Because of the classic gap between Academia and Corporate Canada, we often miss opportunities to leverage new research findings for the benefit of our organizations. Here’s your chance!

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August 22nd at the Woodbridge Golf & country Club.

Watch this space for more on this!

All proceeds will benefit the Daily Bread Food Bank. 



Bridging Silos

"Whether it’s in the corporate sector, in government or in academia, silos are an inevitability, organizations cannot avoid… bridging them versus breaking them presents organizations with a unique challenge that can inspire creativity and innovation" - Suanne Nielsen

Read more here...


by Colleen Clarke

Use a Person's Name

Using someone's name in conversation makes that person feel special and attended to. People feel validated when their name is used throughout a conversation. If you didn't catch their name, ask them to repeat it, it shows you care and that they are important to you.



Of the 11 capabilities listed by Root Inc. in their CHRO report card, the company could check only three as being displayed by CHROs. This was an eye-opener for many, and according to a tweet by SCNetwork’s incoming programming chair, Mark Edgar, “#CHRO report card shows significant room for improvement”.

If you missed this energy-packed April event produced by SCN’s outgoing chair of programming, Tracey White, here’s your chance to catch up on some of the vital work being done by Root Inc. in partnership with the #CHREATE team.

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