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Do you think you can, or do you think you can't?

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SCNetwork helps leaders achieve competitive strength through people, by providing a forum for leading-edge thinking and application. Our monthly events feature provocative and thoughtful speakers on issues preoccupying today's organizations.

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One day in 1950, Alan Bennett (not the playwright) entered a grocery store in Grantham, Lincolnshire. He was greeted by the familiar owner of the store, Alfred Roberts, with whom he got into - what he later realized - a "trivial but revealing" conversation. During their chat, Alfred Roberts, full of pride for his young daughter simply observed, 'that girl could be prime minister if she sets her mind to it.'

Alfred Roberts was Margaret Thatcher's father. At the time she was only twenty-five. Years later, when Margaret Thatcher swept the general election in 1979 to become the elected prime minister of Britain, she was the first woman ever to do so in the country's history.

Some think Ralph Waldo Emerson coined, "you are what you think". Others think it's The Buddha. Regardless, of who said it first, there's never been an axiom that's been tried, tested, and proven true by so many. We think from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep. Even in sleep, some say, we think.

A research team at Philips, a tech giant, discovered that each of us has a bias toward particular types of thinking, which may or may not be the appropriate thinking needed for a specific step in a business process. This means that our biases may interfere with getting work done effectively and efficiently. Years of research on thinking requirements of the best business process practices resulted in a model of human thought in the workplace called "Effective Intelligence".

"Thinking precedes action. We must first bring into our consciousness an issue against which we bring to bear our thinking. Our thinking then produces thoughts, which become our actions, which become our results," says Julian Chapman, president of Forrest & Company, as illustrated in this figure.

Join us on August 15, to travel through the "undiscovered countryof your thinking with Julian Chapman. You'll discover your own thinking profile and learn how you can teach yourself to think effectively. "Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they'll become... habits. Watch your habits for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny," said Margaret Thatcher (or so we think).

Also, don't forget…only 15 days left to register for our 3rd Annual Summer Social!

Think you can make it for Sous-vide, chocolate, and schnapps?

The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Let's have some serious fun looking inside your head.

Ever wonder why the person across the table from you seems to come from a different planet? Ever wonder if that person is thinking the same thing about you? It's all about your style of thinking.

Along the way to getting work done, we assemble our thinking into thoughts which leads to our actions, which produces our results. If your results aren't what you hoped for, let's try aligning your thinking style with the thinking requirements of the task at hand.

Join thinking guru and president of Forrest & Company, Julian Chapman as he introduces you to your thinking style, and shows you how to use that awareness to work faster and smarter. Even with Martians.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All registrants of this event will be sent an invitation to complete a Rhodes' Thinking Intentions Profile (Rhodes' TIP) survey by August 8, 2018. The resulting report, the "Thinking-Intentions Profile", will be sent to each registrant prior to the event.

For those attending in person: Forrest will bring the printed Profiles to the session and distribute them.

For those attending remotely: Forrest will send the PDFs to attendees shortly before the session.


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The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Workplaces today are not working for a lot of workers as indicated by engagement results. While technology has aided the diversity of communication methods, the quality of communication has been compromised. The replacement of face-to-face communication with virtual communication (email, voicemail, text and posts) has exposed generational chasms in workplaces that feature three and soon to be four distinct generational cohorts.

Dr. Mary Donohue, AKA "Dr. Mary," a preeminent social scientist with focus on evolutionary Psychology and keynote speaker in North America, has been working on new research focused on creativity in the modern workplace, specifically on communication and communication between teams.

She will discuss her latest research findings and use them to show how to communicate across the generations, using any tech platform; from emailing a "Boomer" to presenting with PowerPoint to a GenX audience.

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Thanks to our Featured Corporate Sponsor!

Teams today, are the engines that drive business. They are the catalysts for transformation. Research from Lee Hecht Harrison confirms that 92 per cent of companies acknowledge that teams are critical to their success. Unfortunately, the same research reveals that only 23 per cent of those companies consider their teams effective or accountable. The reality is that most teams are mediocre - not bad, but certainly not exceptional.

In this session, our speaker, Dr. Alex Vincent will show you how to take your team from mediocre to great. He will shatter myths and reveal new insights into the fundamental building blocks that allow exceptional teams to consistently exceed expectations and goals.

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  • 1 The Country Club Foursome (Value: $540)
  • 1 National Pines Foursome (Value: $450)
  • 1 Blue Springs Foursome (Value: $540)
  • 1 Eagle Ridge Foursome (Value: $350)
  • 1 Caledon Woods Foursome (Value: $350)

Note: A minimum of 60 Full Round registrations are required.

To sign up, visit:

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Deborah Jann:

The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 7;50 a.m.

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Our Annual General Meeting will be immediately followed by Why is no one talking to me!



Should leadership L&D programs be scrapped?

"If organizational needs aren't aligned and the change environment is not supported, you won’t get the full return on investment." - Suanne Nielsen

Read more here...


by Colleen Clarke

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Don't expect to see an immediate or direct result from someone when you first meet them. Making an effort to keep congenial relationships alive can be time consuming at first, but the effort can reap tremendous benefits in the long term. Stay in touch.



"Leadership today is about unlearning management and relearning being human", said Javier Pladevall, Spain's CEO of Volkswagen Audi Retail. What does that mean for leaders today? If you missed our July presentation by Potential Project's Vince Brewerton, check out the highlights here, for core leadership qualities that are quickly becoming a requirement in the 21st century leaderscape.

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