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What would Napoleon do in the future of work?

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If Napoleon were alive today, he would have been one of the earliest adopters of the cloud. Because Napoleon was one of the few futuristic leaders of his day. He was always up-to-date with the technology of his time, even if it was meant for war-mongering. He was considered one of the most influential leaders in history who had an uncanny ability to inspire his troops, while marching a million of them into Russia. He had a finger on every minute detail in ruling his empire.

Dr. Mary Donohue agrees. Napoleon, she says, "dealt with change the best we've ever seen." "He surrounded himself with brilliant scholars and learned to adapt to change by helping see what was different...he learned to adapt to the culture he was in, so he could move it forward," she notes. Napoleon would get on the ground as close to his troops as possible, so he could understand what made them tick.

Napoleon, according to Dr. Mary Donohue, teaches us an important lesson in cross-generational communication. He teaches us that to be an effective communicator and leader in the future of work - home to five different generations - we must be open to shift to innovate. The problem, right now, is that we aren’t shifting.

We often hear leaders complaining about millennials not doing the job the way it needs to be done, and millennials complaining about how old their boss is. The generation gap and mis-communication are palpable. That boomers, Gen X, and Millennials aren't working well together is obvious. For innovation, this is a crisis.

Join us on September 18 (new date) to hear from Dr. Mary Donohue at The Albany Club, and learn how you can make your workplace a happier one. "Communication is 90 per cent habit, and to be successful in today's digital economy you need to change those habits, because they are not making you happy," says Dr. Donohue. As a social scientist who focuses on evolutionary psychology, and a CEO of Donohue Learning, she will share recent findings from her research on how to get creative while communicating in today's multi-generational workforce. Have a look at her cheat-sheet to get an idea of all the generational differences at play in our workplace today.

...And don’t forget to plan on attending SCNetwork’s Annual General Meeting on October 17. You’ll meet our new Treasurer and find out what else is brewing at SCNetwork.

The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Workplaces today are not working for a lot of workers as indicated by engagement results. While technology has aided the diversity of communication methods, the quality of communication has been compromised. The replacement of face-to-face communication with virtual communication (email, voicemail, text and posts) has exposed generational chasms in workplaces that feature three and soon to be four distinct generational cohorts.

Dr. Mary Donohue, AKA "Dr. Mary," a preeminent social scientist with focus on evolutionary Psychology and keynote speaker in North America, has been working on new research focused on creativity in the modern workplace, specifically on communication and communication between teams.

She will discuss her latest research findings and use them to show how to communicate across the generations, using any tech platform; from emailing a "Boomer" to presenting with PowerPoint to a GenX audience.

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Teams today, are the engines that drive business. They are the catalysts for transformation. Research from Lee Hecht Harrison confirms that 92 per cent of companies acknowledge that teams are critical to their success. Unfortunately, the same research reveals that only 23 per cent of those companies consider their teams effective or accountable. The reality is that most teams are mediocre - not bad, but certainly not exceptional.

In this session, our speaker, Dr. Alex Vincent will show you how to take your team from mediocre to great. He will shatter myths and reveal new insights into the fundamental building blocks that allow exceptional teams to consistently exceed expectations and goals.

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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For years we have been told that our aging workforce will mean a shortage of workers in many industries. More recently, the narrative has changed to one where robots do everyone’s work and there aren’t enough jobs to go around. The very notion of ‘work’ is changing.

We are looking at a future where companies are hiring a mix of gig and permanent workers, part-timers, telecommuters, freelancers, and more. How can such a diverse workforce be managed? How do you get the best results in such a structure? And as we move forward as a society, what role should business play in shaping the larger economy?

Drawing on her new book, Work Is Not a Place, in this presentation Linda Nazareth will cast a much-needed economist’s eye to the emerging world of work and the challenges it will present to those of us on the front-lines of hiring and managing an ever-evolving workforce.

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Our members and their guests enjoyed a lovely, albeit, slightly overcast day of networking, golfing, and making truffles with schnapps at the Summer Social on August 22. We’d like to thank the weather and all the participants, volunteers, and sponsors for making the day so memorable! Numbers are being crunched for funds raised for DailyBreadTO, as we speak.

Our summer social grows by another year, and we can’t wait for a bigger, better one in 2019!

Meanwhile, these event pics will help us relive the fun we all had!


The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 7:50 a.m.

Top FIVE reasons to attend our 2018 AGM:

  1. You'll meet SCNetwork's newest Treasurer
  2. You'll be the first to be in on what's new at SCNetwork;
  3. You'll find out what challenges and opportunities face us;
  4. You'll vote on critical issues;
  5. Breakfast is included!

Our Annual General Meeting will be immediately followed by The Journey from Mediocre to Exceptional: Building Truly Accountable Teams!



Do people prefer bad leaders over absent ones?

"Employees have confessed that they'd rather deal with a rancorous boss than be left clueless by an ingratiating and absent one who follows a hands-off policy." - Suanne Nielsen

Read more here...


by Colleen Clarke


For a man to build better rapport with women, adjust your language to include more rapport talk. Rapport talk gives lots of details and who said what to whom and then reach a conclusion. Women who want to build rapport with men might be better off adopting a more report talk style. Report talk gives the outcome of the story first then fills in the details.



In the world of fake news, more people are spending time in the interpretation of what's presented to them and less time in gathering the facts, according to our July speaker, Julian Chapman, President of Forrest and Company. If you want to catch the highlights of Chapman's presentation of Why is there a Martian in my meeting? Thinking as the final frontier, here’s your chance. What colour is your thinking?

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