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Why you are failing at workplace culture

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When one walks into LoyaltyOne's headquarters in Toronto, at the Globe and Mail Centre, one is immediately struck by their newly-erected, impressive 200,000 square feet, six-storey building on King and Parliament. With no assigned desks, drawers, or cubicles for employees, but with pool tables, a rooftop golf course, focus pods, yoga rooms, video game stations, personal lockers, cafés, a basketball court, and a “Stadium Stair” reminiscent of a college auditorium, one can't help feeling as though they are walking into a vibrant university campus, rather than a global corporate office.

Indeed, it is home to 850 of LoyaltyOne's over 1,500 worldwide employees, and Bryan Pearson, the company's CEO. In 2018, LoyaltyOne made Waterstone Human Capital's annual list as one of Canada's “most admired” enterprise cultures. It also won the distinction of being Canada's “Greenest Employer” this year.

In the North American loyalty and retail industry, LoyaltyOne and Bryan Pearson's name is tied to giants like LCBO, Cineplex, Shell, Coca-Cola, Loblaw, Unilever…you name it.

So, how did Bryan Pearson and his LoyaltyOne team build their winning corporate culture? Where are we failing at creating a sustainable culture? How can we begin to understand our employees and workplace engagement the way LoyaltyOne does? What does the future of retail hold for those of us working with human capital?

For Pearson, there's a far more powerful lever than simple compensation for attracting and retaining talent: the appeal of a vibrant, collaborative culture.

Join us on January 22nd, for a power-packed and much-awaited CEO spotlight on Bryan Pearson. Ask him all your burning culture questions, one-to-one, that have left you guessing until now.

In the mean time, if you're hungry for some reading fodder over the holidays, check out Pearson's hugely popular column in Forbes, where he writes about all things retail, loyalty, and customer experience.

We wish you happy beginnings and joyous collaborations in the new year.

HAPPY 2019!!

The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Today, people with proven technology-based skills can pretty well write their own tickets. But what about the companies hoping to attract that top talent? Competition is stiff – especially in an innovation hub like Toronto. On the one hand are start-ups offering high-energy environments and the potential for big payoffs down the road. On the other are well-heeled players like banks and consulting firms that can give generous packages to new hires (though that still doesn't guarantee they won't soon get restless and move on). And in between, smart companies are deploying reasonable but finite resources as they build the best possible teams.

How do we ensure that culture grows from the bottom up, with shared goals and values that mirror the vision of the leadership team?

In a dynamic presentation, Bryan Pearson reveals how LoyaltyOne - which has grown since 1992 from a disruptive innovator to a global leader in insights-driven marketing - engages associates in the culture they've helped to define, distilling its essence down to a simple but powerful idea: the promise of passion.

The author of the bestselling book The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy and The Loyalty Leap for B2B, Bryan regularly contributes to the Forbes retail column, among others.

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The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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We've all heard that "culture eats strategy for breakfast". But why? Leaders today are aware that culture strongly influences how people think, feel, and act in their efforts to support their organization's success. The problem is that they use methods that just describe their unique culture type without linking those descriptions to tangible performance metrics such as revenue growth.

Now, leaders need to augment "descriptive" measures with "ability" measures, which quantitatively assess their organization's change "readiness" and capability to shift its culture in adaptive and proactive ways.

In this session, our speakers - Brett Richards, President of Connective Intelligence Inc., and Azam Bhaloo, President of The Foray Group - will highlight a compelling comparison of results using pre and post measures of The Foray Group currently in the middle of organizational transformation. The analysis will demonstrate how the organization leveraged a new organizational development tool called the OGI (Organizational Growth Indicator) to measure and evaluate its efforts. For more details, REGISTER NOW!

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Giselle Kovary, President of n-gen People Performance Inc. and Dr. Laura Hambley, founding partner of Work EvOHlution, Leadership Success Group, and co-founder of Canada Career Counselling are two of Canada's top experts in workplace mobility and generational research.

Kovary and Hambley believe that organizations today face the challenge of recruiting and retaining younger employees while being able to leverage flexible work arrangements. This requires leaders who possess the right competencies to engage employees in a mobile or distributed work environment.

With them, we will explore Millennials' desire for flexible work arrangements and new Canadian research on Gen Zs. How will employee expectations continue towards greater mobility? You will learn current trends and challenges organizations face in creating engagement and driving mobile workplace performance. You will also gain insights into the human dynamics of distributed leadership and teamwork. REGISTER TODAY, for more on this event!

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What is your employee's journey?

"The biggest phenomenon hitting the workplace today is that individualizing the employee experience is becoming more important to attract younger people and keep them motivated." - Suanne Nielsen

Read more here...


by Colleen Clarke


At the beginning of each month, decide which event you will attend or who you will target and where, to meet your new person of the month. If that doesn't work, set out to strengthen an existing relationship. Determine a creative way to reach out to that person. Make a positive impact.



“The quickest and most direct route to powerful human communication is our ancient drives,” said Brady Wilson, co-founder at Juice Inc., at our December speaker event. As humans, we operate daily using a combination of belonging, meaning, significance, freedom, and security - our ancient drives – that makes us unique as individuals. Wilson helped us recognize the interplay between human connections, our ancient drives, and the release of our energy reserves. Check out some highlights of his sold-out talk here:



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