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That touchy-feely part of HR?

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IF you had any doubts about the value of investing time in cultivating a winning organizational culture, our January spotlight on LoyaltyOne's CEO, Bryan Pearson would have certainly convinced you that "culture eats strategy for breakfast". While the jury's still out on whether Peter Drucker coined this often-quoted corporate-speak, two schools of thought have emerged on either side of it - one that misunderstands culture as that touch-feely part of HR, thereby discounting it, and one that swears by it.

There are also those that say, "Ignoring the health of your culture is like letting aquarium water get dirty."

Just like brands, culture is not a fluffy, intangible. It's not just the office décor or the workspace vibe. It's a measurable driver that ensures long-term success, and the loyalty of your employees and customers.

Our February speaker, Dr. Brett Richards developed the Organizational Growth Indicator (O.G.I.), allowing managers to make more intelligent decisions and, ultimately, strengthen their businesses. In other words, the O.G.I gives C-Suite their first-ever financial statement for people and culture.

"When business leaders can accurately quantify employee attitudes and motivations, they are better equipped to deliver targeted programs capable of eradicating complacency across the company. Consequently, the OGI can have a substantial effect by providing invaluable insight to those at the helm," says Dr. Richards, who's also founder and president of Connective Intelligence Inc.

With a client roster that includes Nestlé, Schulich School of Business, Bayer, Shoppers Drug Mart, Novartis, ING, and Loblaw, to name just a few, Dr. Richards is also currently helping, Azam Bhaloo, President of The Foray Group, to lead his company through an organizational transformation.

Join us on Feb. 12 to hear from both Richards and Bhaloo about how the OGI has been successfully put to work, through a comparison of before and after results.

The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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We've all heard that "culture eats strategy for breakfast". But why? Leaders today are aware that culture strongly influences how people think, feel, and act in their efforts to support their organization's success. The problem is that they use methods that just describe their unique culture type without linking those descriptions to tangible performance metrics such as revenue growth.

Now, leaders need to augment "descriptive" measures with "ability" measures, which quantitatively assess their organization's change "readiness" and capability to shift its culture in adaptive and proactive ways.

In this session, our speakers - Brett Richards, President of Connective Intelligence Inc., and Azam Bhaloo, President of The Foray Group - will highlight a compelling comparison of results using pre and post measures of The Foray Group currently in the middle of organizational transformation. The analysis will demonstrate how the organization leveraged a new organizational development tool called the OGI (Organizational Growth Indicator) to measure and evaluate its efforts. For more details, REGISTER NOW!

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Thanks to our Featured Corporate Sponsor!

Giselle Kovary, President of n-gen People Performance Inc. and Dr. Laura Hambley, founding partner of Work EvOHlution, Leadership Success Group, and co-founder of Canada Career Counselling are two of Canada's top experts in workplace mobility and generational research.

Kovary and Hambley believe that organizations today face the challenge of recruiting and retaining younger employees while being able to leverage flexible work arrangements. This requires leaders who possess the right competencies to engage employees in a mobile or distributed work environment.

With them, we will explore Millennials' desire for flexible work arrangements and new Canadian research on Gen Zs. How will employee expectations continue towards greater mobility? You will learn current trends and challenges organizations face in creating engagement and driving mobile workplace performance. You will also gain insights into the human dynamics of distributed leadership and teamwork. REGISTER TODAY, for more on this event!

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When culture meets teams

"Where are we now in this journey of building a high-performance executive team and culture?" - Suanne Nielsen

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by Colleen Clarke

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In his books, Bryan Pearson talks about "building customer intimacy." The elements of the culture he describes speaks about values that create a sense of connectedness. He talks about "the congruence of the introversion and extroversion of the organization." So, Edyta Pacuk, President and Founder of MarchFifteen, and our event sponsor, asked Pearson if this congruence is part of LoyaltyOne's strategic intent? Listen to Pearson's response, and other burning questions our audience had



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