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Millennials were the transition. Gen Zers are all the way there.

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We've been talking about the Millennials. And now it's time to talk Gen Z. Who are they?

Canada's first national survey on Gen Z classifies them as the next talent wave, born between 1995 - 2015, that's loyal and looking for security in the workplace. They are an even tempered, realistic and optimistic generation and are looking for stability.

Are you surprised? Many Boomers may think, well, we wanted the same things. What's different? Were you expecting Gen Z to show more radical traits like greater leanings towards job hopping?

As part of the national survey team, when Dr. Giselle Kovari and her colleagues asked Gen Z members just that question, the response was a resounding "no". They want to hang their hats in one work place, they said. The key driver, says Dr. Kovari, is that this group saw their parents (Gen Xers) go through the 2008 recession. They've grown up learning to be balanced, resilient, and practical with their expectations. They've also witnessed Millennials struggle to find jobs in an increasingly competitive marketplace. They're growing up in a time that's seeing extraordinary social and political upheavals. So, they're looking to find a deeper meaning, a cause, and a connection to their personal values through their jobs.

Dr. Kovary's survey report also suggests that this generation will face stiff competition from the robots. But they are optimistic about the AI threat, and not overly concerned. They're digital natives, with an average attention span of 8 seconds.

Workplace flexibility and remote working are among the top employee benefits for Gen Z.

Dr. Laura Hambley calls it the "distributed workplace" - "working away from the structure, supervision, and co-workers found in the traditional office.""

The reality is that Gen Z represents 36 per cent (that's 1.86 billion) of the global population. To engage this massive pool, a paradigmatic mind shift is imperative for us as talent managers and leaders.

Join us on March 20 to hear from Dr. Kovari and Dr. Hambley as they present their latest research on Gen Z and Millennials, along with empirical strategies on how to build relationships and collaborate with them.

The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Giselle Kovary, President of n-gen People Performance Inc. and Dr. Laura Hambley, founding partner of Work EvOHlution, Leadership Success Group, and co-founder of Canada Career Counselling are two of Canada's top experts in workplace mobility and generational research.

Kovary and Hambley believe that organizations today face the challenge of recruiting and retaining younger employees while being able to leverage flexible work arrangements. This requires leaders who possess the right competencies to engage employees in a mobile or distributed work environment.

With them, we will explore Millennials' desire for flexible work arrangements and new Canadian research on Gen Zs. How will employee expectations continue towards greater mobility? You will learn current trends and challenges organizations face in creating engagement and driving mobile workplace performance. You will also gain insights into the human dynamics of distributed leadership and teamwork. REGISTER TODAY, for more on this event!

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The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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416,388 page visits at, 78,750 report downloads, 19,598 interactions on social media, 214 Global media placements with over 985 million impressions in the US alone—This is the impact of Deloitte's annual Human Capital Trends Report!

As robotics, AI, and the gig economy transform the future, Deloitte takes a pulse every year on what is top of mind for organizations around the world. In their annual Global Human Capital Trends report, over 11,000 C-suite executives, business leaders, and HR professionals contribute to identify the top human capital trends globally. we speak, partners at Deloitte are feverishly analyzing the results of 2019's Human Capital Trends survey results.

At this event, Jodi Baker Calamai, Partner at Deloitte leading the financial services HR transformation (HRT) will give you and SCNetwork an exclusive first look at Deloitte's latest human capital trends and their potential impact on your organization!  REGISTER NOW for more on this!

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Our companies are constantly striving for greater customer satisfaction and product or service improvement, so why aren’t we giving the same vital attention to our strongest asset—our employees?

The workforce is becoming more modern in all areas, and Employee Voice is a crucial area deserving of both ingenuity and attention. To maintain a workforce environment where employees can be engaged and perform successfully, a new approach to hearing and acting on the voice of employees is being adopted by innovative organizations. Hear from Rob Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango, in this session to learn:

  • Why focusing on a better Employee Voice strategy is important
  • The evolution of Employee Voice, and why certain methods are outdated and no longer adequate on their own
  • Proven effective methods and practical solutions to supporting an inspirational future of Employee Voice
  • Examples of companies that are doing it well
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HR at Rogers: Tied to business and back to basics

"The HR team at Rogers isn’t chasing after the next shiny new trend out there. We focus on the basics: building strong leaders and teams; increasing employee engagement; building the capabilities of our diverse, talented employees; and delivering a strong results-oriented HR plan that helps to drive the business." - Lara Root

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Work is no longer a place
Three SCNetwork members discuss Linda Nazareth's talk on the future of work –

Light, nimble and agile is the future. The economic logic for being "employed" - the need for large numbers to deliver large manual processes is fast disappearing - and in the gig economy, we will all be sole proprietors as robots and AI replace hands. Maybe." – Paul Pittman.

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by Colleen Clarke

Spend time with professionals who are different from you

You don’t know who knows who. Find people who dance to a different drummer and pick their brain. Read magazines you don’t normally read, attend lectures by authors or experts just outside of your area of specialty. Remember to arrive early, sit close to a stranger and apply all networking tips you have in your tool kit.



In his books, Bryan Pearson talks about "building customer intimacy." The elements of the culture he describes speaks about values that create a sense of connectedness. He talks about "the congruence of the introversion and extroversion of the organization." So, Edyta Pacuk, President and Founder of MarchFifteen, and our event sponsor, asked Pearson if this congruence is part of LoyaltyOne's strategic intent? Listen to Pearson's response, and other burning questions our audience had "Seeing the invisible people and culture dynamics, and linking them to performance is key," according to Dr. Brett Richards. But how do you quantify the invisible aspects of thought, thinking, emotions, and affect? Here are some highlights and takeaways from Dr. Richards’ presentation last month



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