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HR - Get out of the way!

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"Organisations spend a lot of time measuring engagement (in fact, WAY too much time measuring and analysing and not enough time acting, in my opinion) and when it is all said and done, they focus on the data to make decisions about what strategies will positively impact employee engagement and performance. It's not a bad process", says WorkTango co-founder, Rob Catalano, here.

However, there's a big gap, Catalano clarifies, in the way most employee engagement and performance assessments are approached. A gap that ignores the Employee Voice. A gap that focuses more on what drives engagement, rather than who. "What's the purpose of this information going directly to the HR department and then filtering the data and message to each department? The important voice of the employee needs to go directly to the source that has the biggest impact on employee engagement: the leaders and managers", he contends.

According to Catalano, HR needs to stop being one of the biggest barriers in effective employee engagement and simply get out of the way!

Is Employee Voice all hype? How can we make the change to a better employee listening strategy? How often should my company do this, and what should we even ask in surveys? How can I get my executives to buy in? Isn't this going to be painful and add more work to HR?

Recognizing that Employee Voice is no longer a non-entity, that it needs to be heard by organizations trying to adapt to a workforce that’s evolving, posthaste, these are some of the frequently asked questions, Catalano addresses in his "2018 Guide to Activating Employee Voice".

Breaking the silence and tapping into the Employee Voice is easier said than done. It starts with fostering an environment where employees feel safe, nurtured, and comfortable to speak out.

To jumpstart employee voice back to life in your organization, join us on May 22 to hear from Rob Catalano about why listening and acting on employee voice is one of the top business trends in 2019.

The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Our companies are constantly striving for greater customer satisfaction and product or service improvement, so why aren’t we giving the same vital attention to our strongest asset - our employees?

The workforce is becoming more modern in all areas, and Employee Voice is a crucial area deserving of both ingenuity and attention. To maintain a workforce environment where employees can be engaged and perform successfully, a new approach to hearing and acting on the voice of employees is being adopted by innovative organizations. Hear from Rob Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango, in this session to learn:

  • Why focusing on a better Employee Voice strategy is important
  • The evolution of Employee Voice, and why certain methods are outdated and no longer adequate on their own
  • Proven effective methods and practical solutions to supporting an inspirational future of Employee Voice
  • Examples of companies that are doing it well
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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Increasingly, the realities of marketing and HR in today's organizations require the two disciplines to work more closely than ever before. A business enabling people strategy needs excellent marketing and communications support to be successful. Both professions face similar organizational challenges.

Join us for an interactive session with David Weiss, President & CEO of Weiss International Ltd., and well-known thought leader who will share his views on the strategic importance of both HR and marketing in an organization and how each profession is evolving.

His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring view points from both a CMO and CHRO perspective.

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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What's "blockchain" and why are so many people talking about it?

Join us and Benoit Hardy-Vallée for a deeper dive into Blockchain as a disruptor technology and learn about its implications on businesses and human resource applications.

Benoit leads a team of consultants who reinvent HR by enhancing operating models and the employee experience. Through Design Thinking and Digital Change Management, his team brings the best IBM methods and technologies to clients. He consults with HR leaders to envision the art of the possible and co-create new ways of engaging employees and enabling performance.

Benoit has worked with banking, retail, hospitality and industrial clients in North America, Middle East and Africa. Through white papers, publications, interviews and speaking engagements, Benoit shares his knowledge and contributes to IBM thought leadership in Digital and Cognitive HR.

Watch this space for information about this event!

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Futureproof your organization: But first a reality check

"Not every organization or sector is moving at the same pace into the new world of work" - Brian Daily

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The inconvenient work that is culture

Three SCNetwork members discuss Alex Vincent’s presentation on building exceptional teams -

"The assertion that only 31 per cent of HR leaders think their organizations have the culture necessary to drive performance - regrettably - does not surprise me." - Jan van der Hoop.

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by Colleen Clarke

Use a Person's Name

Using someone's name in conversation makes that person feel special and being attended to. People feel validated when their name is used throughout a conversation. If you didn't catch their name, ask them to repeat it. It shows you care and that they are important to you.



"Organizational design is messy business. It's about rewiring people's day-to-day jobs - jobs that they had a hand in creating, jobs that create a sense of self-worth", said Amir Rahenma from Deloitte's Human Capital Practice, to our audience back in 2017. From our archives, we pulled out these highlights and more takeaways about organizational design from Rahenma and Karen Pastakia in "Rewriting the rules for the digital age".

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