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Hope Motivates Action Five Ways to Increase Hope

Event Date: Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
Event Time: 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Venue(s): Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)
Presenter(s): Lindsay Recknell
Agenda: 7:00 - 7:30 AM: Registration/Networking
7:30 - 9:00 AM: Session
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How is it that a virtue as intangible as Hope can have such a lasting and measurable impact on human potential?

In this talk, participants will learn how Hope is practical and rational and how we can use it as a motivator for success in our businesses, our homes and our communities. Hope has a huge impact on our biological, psychological and neurological well-being and in over 2,000 scientific research studies, hope has been identified as the key driver for success in school, in business and in life.

Drawing on her own experience as the wife of a recovering alcoholic, combined with first-hand experience and knowledge of mental health, motivation and perseverance, Lindsay Recknell will give participants five easy ways to increase hope levels in themselves and other people. 

 Session Objectives

  • Understand the Science of Hope and the success of this positive psychology on mental illness and overall mental well-being
  • Identify practical, actionable and easily measurable techniques to use hope to motivate action
  • Introduction to Hope Theory, a toll to increase hope levels in ourselves and others

Session Outcomes

  • Five practical and tangible tactics to implement hope-based action within individuals and organizations
  • Application of Hope Theory, an innovative and future-facing apporach to goal setting anhd strategic planning
  • Deeper understanding of ourselves, our motivations and our plans for our personal and professional futures

Session includes:

  •  Individuals activities for self-awareness and reflection
  • Group activities in a safe and non-pressure environment
  • Additional resources for further education and knowledge





Lindsay Recknell is a speaker, facilitator and mental health advocate who has experienced the power of hope firsthand and used it to create positive change in her life. Her focus on hope – and the realization that hope can be a powerful motivator of action – came from a very personal journey, as caregiver to those struggling with mental illness.  

Lindsay is a results-oriented professional with diversified experience in communications, business analysis and reporting, project management, financials, sales presentation, people management, business process design, and facilitation strategies – all skills that complement her work as a certified Emergenetics Associate and an expert in hope. 

As a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Lindsay works with organizations to increase their levels of psychological health & safety in the workplace using the Science of Hope – evidence-based, practical tips and techniques to increase levels of hope within organizations by increasing hope levels in individuals. She empowers the individual, strengthens teams and transforms organizations through her Hope Motivates Action, Hope for Humans and Bucket List Builder programs. Lindsay lives in Calgary with her husband and their two Golden Retrievers.


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