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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mercerís Global Talent Trends 2019 is out!

mercer report

ďTechnological advances, government policies, and employee expectations are reshaping what we know as work, while the pace of change continues to accelerate. As artificial intelligence (AI) and automation infuse into everyday life, the opportunities for how people will work and live are significant. But how do we stay ahead? Thriving employees are twice as likely to describe their role as ďrelationship focusedĒ and their work environment as ďcollaborativeĒ.

Our valued corporate sponsor, Mercer, recently released their Global Talent Trends 2019 report. The report†identified 4 key trends to watch out for, after surveying 7,300 respondents globally, which include 800+ C-Suite executives, 1,600+ HR leaders, and 4,800+ employees.

To read more, download the report here!

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