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About our Events

Here are some things that you should know…


  1. They have recently authored a best selling book on a topic of high interest to our members
  2. They and a client co-present a case study where they have implemented a program that would be of interest to our members
  3. They are presenting the results of some significant, recent research such as the 50 Best Companies to work for in Canada

Our Subject Areas or Themes

  • Strategic Capability - defined primarily as the capability of organizations of all sizes to evolve, develop and grow their businesses. (Capability of the entire organization)
  • Organization Effectiveness - defined primarily as the ability of organizations to deal effectively with and proactively manage continual change. (Capability of teams within the organization)
  • Leadership in Action - defined primarily as the ability of organizations to develop leaders and leadership at all levels to meet today's growing need for continuous innovation and initiative. (Capability of individuals, including both formally appointed and informal leaders)
  • Development (learning sessions for members)

Our Membership

  • Senior level people leaders - Director/VP level and above
  • Strategic thinkers, well read, vocal

Key Components to Successful Presentation

  • New information – new book, significant research, e.g., global leadership study, data, surveys, studies
  • Practical and scalable solutions for all organizations
  • Examples of how companies have used information/research
  • Co-presentations between consulting/research organization and corporate leaders, e.g. with a client organization
  • Interactive (versus lecturing)
  • Opportunity for round-table discussions

If you have a good story, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact:

Jeanet Lamoca CPCC, ACC