Events: 2007 Event Listings

The following is a listing of past SCNetwork events held throughout Canada.

Date Region Topic Speakers
January 11, 2007 Calgary Kickoff 2007! Networking for the New Year   
January 30, 2007 Toronto Disney’s HR Secrets to Developing a World-Class Brand  Enter the speaker here 
February 7, 2007 Toronto PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP: Building Your Coaching Capability  Jan van der Hoop 
February 8, 2007 Calgary Better Balance, Better Business: Workplace Flexibility as a Business Imperative  Shawn Derby, Candice Pritchard, Valerie Smith 
February 21, 2007 Toronto What’s Best in Books – Trends in Strategic Capability, OE and Leadership  John Fayad, Business Book Review 
February 27, 2007 London Baby Boom Bust: Understanding How Generational Differences Impacts Recruitment & Retention  Dr. Sean Lyons 
March 8, 2007 Calgary Building Leadership Capacity at Suncor: Refueling in Mid-Flight  Deb McDaniel and Andrew McColl 
April 3, 2007 Toronto Toxic Workplace Cultures: How to Spot them, and How to Change them  Dr. Hugh Drouin (Commissioner, Social Services Department (Region of DUrham); Michael Koscec (author, Energizing Organizations); Bob Kolida (SVP, HR, HBC); Janice Rubin (Managing Partner, Rubin Thomlinson LLP)  
April 12, 2007 Calgary Beyond Compliance: Making Integrity a Strategic Priority  Donna Kennedy-Glans 
April 16, 2007 Toronto How High-Trust Cultures Inspire Employees  Graham Lowe  
May 17, 2007 Calgary Leading for Canada, Leading for the World   Françoise Morissette & Amal Henein 
May 29, 2007 Toronto Highlights and Lowlights from the HRPS Annual Conference - Wine and Cheese  Barry Barnes, Ian Hendry, Joanne Rivard, David Wexler, Dave Crisp 
June 8, 2007 London Transforming Culture: Build Organizational Capabilities by Leveraging Existing Talent  Geoff Smith, President & CEO, EllisDon Corporation 
June 14, 2007 Calgary Leadership Pathways: Strategic Talent Management in the Calgary Police Service  Inspector Bill Webb 
June 28, 2007 Toronto Beyond HR: Talentship is the New Decision Science for Talent and Human Capital  John Boudreau 
August 15, 2007 Toronto Annual Golf Tournament    
August 29, 2007 Toronto The Ethical Enterprise  Enter the speaker here 
September 18, 2007 London Made in Canada Leadership  Françoise Morissette 
September 20, 2007 Calgary The Intersection of Arts and Business: Organizational Storymaking, Storytelling and Leader Narrative Competence  Dr. Nick Nissley 
September 20, 2007 Toronto Made in Canada Leadership  Françoise Morissette & Amal Henein 
October 10, 2007 Toronto The Halo Effect … and Other Business Delusions  Phil Rosenzweig 
October 17, 2007 Calgary The Challenge of Change: Applying Insights from Health Care to Other Sectors  Dr. Maliheh Mansouri & Wilma Slenders, MSM 
November 1, 2007 Toronto Best-in-Class Talent Sourcing and Acquisition   John De Veyra & Manny Campione, Hewitt Associates 
November 21, 2007 Calgary Help Wanted: Workforce Issues Demand Commitment and Collaboration  Elsbeth Mehrer, Manager, Workforce Development, Calgary Economic Development 
December 4, 2007 London Holiday Social Event: Emerging Leaders  Lindsay Sage and Jeff Sage 
December 10, 2007 Toronto The Art of Seeing (and Season Social)  Bill Carr