Events: 2009 Event Listings

The following is a listing of past SCNetwork events held throughout Canada.

Date Region Topic Speakers
January 13, 2009 Toronto Understanding the Talent LifeCycle  Dr. Jack Wiley, Kenexa 
January 15, 2009 London HRPS Teleconference: Social Networking Technology and Web 2.0 Tools: It’s Here to Stay and It’s “Good Business”  Ellen Cowan 
January 21, 2009 Calgary Working, Living and Leading in an Uncertain Economy: Riding the 2009 Roller-Coaster  Nora Spinks 
February 10, 2009 London HRPS Teleconference: Built for Talent with Ed Lawler  Dr. Ed Lawler 
February 10, 2009 Toronto HRPS Teleconference: Built for Talent with Ed Lawler  Ed E. Lawler III 
February 10, 2009 Ottawa Igniting the Third Factor  Peter Jensen 
February 18, 2009 Calgary Challenging but Inevitable: Dealing with High Conflict People  Nadine Ryan-Bannerman, M.Ed. (Adult Education) 
February 19, 2009 Waterloo Managing the Economic Crisis - A Framework for Human Capital Planning  Chris Charron and Dr. Robert Carlyle 
February 26, 2009 Toronto Leader to Leader: How the “New” Mentoring is Growing the Next Generation of Leaders  Catherine Mossop, President, Sage Mentors - and panel 
February 26, 2009 London Netgiving Takes the Work Out of Networking  Tim Cork 
March 3, 2009 Toronto Next Level Leaders: How to Help Ensure Their Success  Scott Eblin 
March 18, 2009 Calgary Employee Engagement Equation: Insights That Work  Ann Mamallo 
April 14, 2009 Toronto Leading in a Connected World - The Intersection of Social Networks & Talent Management  Rob Cross, University of Virginia 
April 15, 2009 Calgary Calgary Economic Forecast: Reality Check, with a Side Salad of Optimism  Adam Legge, Vice President and Chief Economist, Research, Workforce and Strategy, Calgary Economic Development 
May 20, 2009 Calgary Managing Energy vs. Time for High Performance  Russell Hunter 
May 28, 2009 Toronto Double Event - Building a Talent Strategy that Endures Market Volitility, and Highlights from the 2009 HRPS Conference  Sanjiv Kumar, Ph.D. Buck Consultants 
June 16, 2009 Calgary Organizational Network Analysis (ONA): Providing a Bird's Eye View of the Way Work Gets Done in Organizations  Monica Chhina and Charlotte Holmlund  
June 23, 2009 Toronto 2009 Annual Golf Tournament   
June 30, 2009 Toronto Beyond the Deal: How to really make it work.  Hubert St. Onge 
July 15, 2009 Toronto Engage & Execute: Productivity when values clash.  Dr. Linda J. Page, Ph.D. 
August 18, 2009 Toronto Five Unusual Ideas About Change  Dr. John Oesch 
September 16, 2009 Toronto 30th Anniversary Boat Cruise   
September 22, 2009 Calgary What Not to Do When Lost : Responding to Crises in Uncertain Times   Chris Hsiung 
September 24, 2009 Toronto Raising EQ to Improve Leadership and Overall Corporate Performance  Bob Potvin 
September 30, 2009 Toronto Teleconference: Global Mindset - The New Science of Global Leadership  Mansour Javidan, Ph.D. 
October 7, 2009 Toronto An Age of Change or... A Change of Age  Eamonn Kelly 
October 20, 2009 Calgary Hey Coach, Have You Got A Minute? - Coaching Your Peers On The Spot  Ken Larson 
October 27, 2009 Toronto Managing in the Downturn: Four Imperatives to Drive Employee Innovation and Performance  Dion Love, Research Director, Corporate Leadership Council 
October 28, 2009 London Happiness in the's all up to you!  Pat Mussieux 
November 10, 2009 Calgary Social Networks - Impacts of Clicking & Connecting on the Web  Dasa Chadwick 
November 12, 2009 Toronto Building Positive Organizations  Dr. Jamie Gruman 
November 26, 2009 Waterloo The Art of Executive Coaching  Robert Potvin, Ph. D. of CDC Coaching 
December 9, 2009 Calgary Teamwork is Dead - Long Live Teams that Work!  Lindsay Adams 
December 9, 2009 London Holiday Social - Staying Successful in Uncertain Times   Terry Gillis & Paul Way 
December 14, 2009 Toronto Igniting the Third Factor & Holiday Party  Peter Jensen