Events: 2010 Event Listings

The following is a listing of past SCNetwork events held throughout Canada.

Date Region Topic Speakers
January 5, 2010 Toronto Teleconference - Creating Value Through HR Transformation with David Ulrich  David Ulrich 
January 14, 2010 Toronto The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage  Roger Martin 
January 26, 2010 Calgary Hey Coach, Have You Got a Minute? Coaching Your Peers on the Spot - PHASE 2  Ken Larson 
February 11, 2010 Toronto Canada’s Pending ICT Talent Shortage: What we need to do  David Ticoll, Canadian Coalition for ICT Skills 
February 11, 2010 London How to Best Utilize Social Networking Tools  Enter the speaker here 
February 23, 2010 Calgary The Leadership Quest: Building Cultures-of-Reliability  Dr. Brian Becker and Lois Garrett 
February 23, 2010 Toronto Leading in Turbulent Times: Building Flexible and Resilient Organizations  Jim Clemmer 
March 30, 2010 Calgary Ignite Innovation! The Art of Turning Ideas Into Action (and Science)  David Saxby 
March 31, 2010 Ottawa Privacy and Social Networking  Colin MacKay 
March 31, 2010 Toronto Getting Recognition Right: Putting a Strategic Focus on Employee Recognition Practices and Programs  Roy Saunderson (President, Recognition Management Institute) and Elvie Gee (Johnson & Johnson Medical Products) 
April 14, 2010 Toronto Management is Broken: HR's Role in Fixing It  Dr. Tom Tavares 
April 27, 2010 Calgary From Huh? to HOT** and Back Again (**Higher Order Thinking)  Bernie Novokowsky 
May 6, 2010 Toronto Double Event! Focus 2040 (The Future World of Work) & HRPS Conference High Lights  Enter the speaker here 
May 21, 2010 Toronto The Importance of Values Through Crisis  Jeannette Jones, VP, Communications, Maple Leaf Foods 
May 25, 2010 Calgary The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence  David Cory, B.P.E., B.Ed. & M.A. 
June 3, 2010 London Human Capital Planning as a Critical Input to the Strategic Planning Process  Marlene McGrath 
June 18, 2010 Toronto Learning Agility - A Research Based Measure of Potential  Jim Peters, Global Leader, Kornferry and Annette Reid, SVP HR, Aviva 
June 21, 2010 Ottawa Canada Has A Productivity Problem  Geoff Smith and Stephen Quesnelle,Managing Partners - Sacred Cow Company 
June 23, 2010 Toronto 2010 Annual Golf Tournament   
July 16, 2010 Toronto 1/2 Day Diversity Conference  Wendy Cukier, Brenda Nadjiwan, Dave Crisp, Michael Bach, Beth Grudzinski 
August 6, 2010 Toronto Scaling Innovation  Shannon Deegan, Director of People Operations, Central Staffing and Business Development, Google 
August 25, 2010 Toronto The Top Ten Ways the Workplace Has Changed  Steve Prentice 
September 21, 2010 Toronto The Intangibles of Leadership: Those subtle differences that truly define who makes it at the top  Richard Davis, RHR International 
September 24, 2010 London SCN Focus Group #1   
September 24, 2010 London SCN Focus Group #2   
September 30, 2010 Calgary Become An Influencer - Learn How to Create Genuine Change In Your Organization or Your Life   Murray Low 
October 21, 2010 Toronto Into the Blast Furnace: A Discussion with Courtney Pratt  Courtney Pratt  
October 25, 2010 Calgary Integrated Talent Management and Competencies: What's All the Noise About and What Does it Mean to You?  Grant Parks, P.Eng., & Kevin Copithorne, MBA, PMP, SWP 
November 16, 2010 Toronto Driving Business Success by Building Leadership Capabilities  Dr. Jackie Greaner and Kelly Neri 
November 16, 2010 Calgary Getting Started with Strategic Workforce Planning at Nexen  Steve Brent, B.Comm. & Andrew Jacobus, MBA 
December 8, 2010 Toronto Holiday Season Social:   Brian Hayman 
December 10, 2010 Ottawa Creating a Strategic Advantage  François Couillard 
December 16, 2010 Calgary Building An Engaged Culture: The Power Of Alignment  David Irvine