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Building the HR Brand: The Unique Value Proposition of HR and Marketing

Event Date: Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019
Event Time: 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Venue(s): The National Club (Live)
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Presenter(s): Dr. David S. Weiss, ICD.D, President and CEO of Weiss International Ltd.
Agenda: 7:30 - 8:00 AM: Registration/Networking
8:00 - 9:30 AM: Session
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HR, today, has become far more outcomes-focused by providing effective talent management solutions.  But, what’s the next step in HR strategy? How can it continue to create even greater value for its organization? 

If HR applies a design thinking approach, then it needs to work outside-in and hear the voice of the external customer to determine what to focus on. 

In his book Leadership-Driven HR,David Weiss explains how HR need to lead with a line of sight to the external customer.  How does HR gain that customer insight if HR does not have direct contact with the external customer? 

This is a question Weiss is often asked. One solution is that HR needs to delve into the knowledge gained through Marketing to hear the voice of the external customer.  HR leaders have already borrowed some ideas from Marketing (although they may not know it) such as building an ’employment. But there are other marketing approaches that can elevate HR strategy to the next level of value creation.  

Join us for an interactive session with Dr. David Weiss, President & CEO of Weiss International Ltd., and well-known thought leader who will share his views on the strategic importance of both HR and Marketing in an organization and how each profession is evolving. 

As a result of this session, participants will analyze the following:

  • Why is marketing a ripe area of HR exploration to take its strategy to the next level?

  • What are some marketing approaches that HR can apply to create greater value?

  • How can HR and Marketing partner together to achieve even greater organizational success?

Dr. Weiss' presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring viewpoints from both a CMO and CHRO perspective. 


  • Allyson Kinsley, SVP, Corporate Strategy, Brand Experience, Saint Elizabeth Health Care
  • Gena Restivo, VP, Human Resources & Communications, AstraZeneca Canada
  • David Weiss, President & CEO, Weiss International

Moderator: Jocelyn Berard, National Practice Leader | Leadership, Assessment & Development, Optimum Talent  



Dr. David S. Weiss, ICD.D is President and CEO of Weiss International Ltd., a firm specializing in innovation, leadership, and HR consulting for many Fortune 500, social enterprise and public-sector organizations. David has provided consulting on more than 1000 business and organizational projects on five continents including in Canada, USA, England, Holland, Paris, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Russia, China, Malaysia, Uganda, South Africa, and Chile. He delivered over 200 conference presentations and he has written over 50 journal and trade articles. He is the author or co-author of seven books including Innovative Intelligence which was reported by CBC News as a "top 5 business book" in the year it was published and Leadership-Driven HR which was listed by the Globe & Mail Report on Business as a bestseller in the year it was published.

Previously, Affiliate Professor of Rotman School of Management, Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s University, and VP and Chief Innovation Officer in a multinational consulting firm, David currently teaches at four university executive development programs, including Rotman, Schulich, DeGroote and St, Mary’s University. David’s doctorate is from the University of Toronto and he has three Master’s degrees. He has been honoured by many organizations globally including by the Government of Canada with the "Distinguished Lecturer" certificate, by the Asia-Pacific HR Congress with the "HR Leadership Award", by the Institute for Performance and Learning as the first lifetime "Fellow" in Canada, and by HRPA with the fourth lifetime designation of "Fellow HRPA".


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