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An Interview with CEOs by Canadian HR Reporter

Posted: 2010-05-17 By Canadian HR Reporter

From An Interview with CEOs by Canadian HR Reporter, May 17, 2010 edition

From a CEOís point of view, what should HR be concentrating on in the near future? We asked CEOs how they see their human resources department evolving in the next five years, what new responsibilities might be headed HRís way and the kind of experience they look for when hiring HR professionals.

Edmond Mellina, President,Transitus, had the following to say. Edmond is also a a principal with our sponsor Orchango:

A learning and consulting firm, Transitus specializes in organizational change. Created in 2002, three principals lead the firm from Toronto and Montreal and manage a core network of 15 freelancers.

As a small company, most of the HR.....

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