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BLOCKCHAIN: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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Aura, Peoplewave,, HireMatch, Truebase, Trustlogics, Startmonday, Zinc - these are just a few of 23 HR startups that have ditched outdated legacy systems to pull HR into the digital age using blockchain technology.

Don't know about you, but with all the buzz around bitcoins and cryptocurrency, most people think banking and financial industries when they hear blockchain. What's quickly becoming apparent, however, is that blockchain is poised to disrupt way more than just financial sectors-HR industry for starters.

One just has to Google the word and claims that "blockchain will make resumes and LinkedIn obsolete" or that it will "streamline routine tasks", and "automate taxes and make them more accurate" are spouted out within seconds.

In their report on the topic, PwC stated that "blockchain could shake up the world of work. On one level it could revolutionize HR processes, but it could also transform workforces - the skills needed, secure value transfer and transparency to name a few." They identified a few possible uses for blockchain technology in HR, such as verifying and keeping accurate records of skills, knowledge and performance assessments, managing cross-border payments and employee mobility, boosting productivity, cybersecurity and fraud prevention. Soumyasanto Sen, co-founder and partner at People Conscience, and HR tech leader, clarifies blockchain's HR implications, saying, "Blockchain is the new internet of the world. The main reason organizations have begun introducing blockchain technology is for the privacy and security of data along with trust and transparency. Blockchains are essentially distributed ledgers, which enable secure peer-to-peer encrypted transactions and build trust. There is no central database, and no intermediaries' middleman."

But the un-hackability of blockchain came under question recently when a cyber attacker managed to hack into Coinbase's (a crypto platform) transaction history. Read more here.

So, what's all the hype about? Does HR really need blockchain?

We're bringing IBM's Joseph Kim to shepherd us through the fog that is Blockchain. Join us on July 17!

In the meantime...



The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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What's "blockchain" and why are so many people talking about it?

Join us and Joseph Kim for a deeper dive into Blockchain as a disruptor technology and learn about its implications on businesses and human resource applications.

Joseph Kim is an Associate Partner and Blockchain Practice Lead for IBM Canada’s Global Business Services Division. He has spent most of his career with clients to frame and formulate actionable strategies that intersect both business and technology as well as to accelerate implementation through tailored transformation programs. Since leading the blockchain practice, he has spent time promoting, selling and delivering blockchain projects across Canadian industrial sectors in the financial services, utilities and healthcare space. With a career that spans two decades, his experiences also include work in application development, business consulting and managing large implementation projects. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the University of Toronto

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Experts advocate for a scenario where organizations and individuals share responsibility for health and wellbeing. However, employees are not feeling the love and employers are paying a price. How can HR move from a 'pie in the sky' mandate towards actionable steps that do not break the bank or consume too much time?

With our speakers, Rensia Melles, certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, and Ron Sparrow, social worker and principal partner at Source Line Inc., we will explore how to move proactive mental health best practise beyond due diligence and checking of the boxes by finding entry points to start grassroots change moving towards a people centered, psychologically healthy and safe workplace while still working toward more complete sponsorship to implement systems wide change. Even with limited leadership support the status quo can changed.

Join us and enhance your understanding of what psychological health and safety looks like day to day. Don't wait for the top down mandate!

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Being a leader is not easy and it often gets lonely.

Ask about our CHRO Peer Forum and HR Leaders in Transition (HRLT) groups to see how peer support can help tackle a pesky (or not so pesky) work issue or take you to the next level in your career.

For the CHRO Peer Forum, contact: Suanne Nielsen, President, SCNetwork at

For the HRLT, contact: Caroline MacPhail at

Our sponsor, Optimum Talent, generously donates space for HRLT meetings.

Keep watching this space for more about our peer networks!



Is this really the end of jobs as we know them?

"to paraphrase the old Pogo cartoon, we have met the enemy and it is us (and not technology). We need to lead a major effort to rapidly adapt our workforce and our economy to thrive in the new world of super jobs and robots." - Brian Daly

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What's old is new again - with a twist

Four SCNetwork members weigh in on Deloitte's Human Capital Trends Report -

"side hustles are the best mechanism for Canadians and the Canadian economy to thrive in an era of extreme technological change. This is a trend we should encourage… What I really would like is a report by a historian who could put things into a broader perspective. Is the world moving towards the social enterprise? Perhaps it is, perhaps not." - David Creelman.

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by Colleen Clarke

Follow up!

After establishing contact with someone you want to meet and network with, follow up immediately to keep the energy you generated with that person alive. Know what you want to accomplish by following up and be persistent without appearing needy.



"What are we doing for our talent to engage them, to personalize more messaging to them? How do we reward and recognize them, so they never leave?"" asked WorkTango's co-founder, Rob Catalano, at our May event Administering CPR: Keeping the Employee Voice Alive. Check out the highlights of this event, if you missed it or just want a refresher on how to listen to the Employee Voice.

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Bryan Pearson, President and CEO, LoyaltyOne at Alliance Data
Dec 12, 2018
Create Your Own Magic: The Power of Human Connection
Brady Wilson Co-founder of Juice Inc., Author, Thought Leader and Presenter



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