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"We don't have survey fatigue we have 'lack of action' fatigue #tootrue #employeevoice from @RobCatalano @strategycap" This tweet by SCNetwork's Mark Edgar garnered much attention after our May breakfast event about listening to the employee voice, in the context of employee engagement surveys.

"However, how does HR set priorities among the many issues identified in the employee engagement survey?" asks Dr. David Weiss. "Too often, the priorities are set based upon the top engagement gaps. Addressing the greatest engagement gaps may not be the real organizational priority. An alternative approach is to examine the employee engagement data through the lens of the customer satisfaction data (most often collected by marketing)."

Indeed, Dr. Weiss suggests that linking employee engagement data to customer satisfaction is one of five ways by which HR can start to mature. In his 2013 book, Leadership-driven HR, Weiss says that "HR needs to take an "outside-in" perspective with a clear line of sight to the external customer."

In the past, the employer brand was restricted within the HR purview, as the Marketing department solely oversaw the corporate brand. Not anymore.

Increasingly, there are whispers of a new HR mantra - "Candidate Experience= Customer Experience". The customer who clicks to read your company's next newsletter or sees your next corporate ad on a billboard or TV, might very well be your next candidate. Are you prepared to represent this candidate?

Join us on June 18 to hear from Dr. David Weiss himself!

During his illustrious career, Weiss has been named the "Distinguished Lecturer" by the Government of Canada, received the "HR Leadership Award" by the Asia-Pacific HR Congress, and was granted the first lifetime "Fellow" in Canada by the Institute for Performance and Learning.

His first book, Innovative Intelligence, was reported by CBC News as a "top 5 business book" in 2011. His second book, Leadership-Driven HR was listed by the Globe & Mail Report on Business as a bestseller in 2013. And here's a complete list of his six books.

Need we say more?

The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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Increasingly, the realities of marketing and HR in today's organizations require the two disciplines to work more closely than ever before. A business enabling people strategy needs excellent marketing and communications support to be successful. Both professions face similar organizational challenges.

Join us for an interactive session with David Weiss, President & CEO of Weiss International Ltd., and well-known thought leader who will share his views on the strategic importance of both HR and marketing in an organization and how each profession is evolving.

His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring view points from both a CMO and CHRO perspective.

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The Albany Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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What's "blockchain" and why are so many people talking about it?

Join us and Joseph Kim for a deeper dive into Blockchain as a disruptor technology and learn about its implications on businesses and human resource applications.

Joseph Kim is an Associate Partner and Blockchain Practice Lead for IBM Canada’s Global Business Services Division. He has spent most of his career with clients to frame and formulate actionable strategies that intersect both business and technology as well as to accelerate implementation through tailored transformation programs. Since leading the blockchain practice, he has spent time promoting, selling and delivering blockchain projects across Canadian industrial sectors in the financial services, utilities and healthcare space. With a career that spans two decades, his experiences also include work in application development, business consulting and managing large implementation projects. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the University of Toronto

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Being a leader is not easy and it often gets lonely.

Ask about our CHRO Peer Forum and HR Leaders in Transition (HRLT) groups to see how peer support can help tackle a pesky (or not so pesky) work issue or take you to the next level in your career.

For the CHRO Peer Forum, contact: Suanne Nielsen, President, SCNetwork at

For the HRLT, contact: Caroline MacPhail at

Our sponsor, Optimum Talent, generously donates space for HRLT meetings.

Keep watching this space for more about our peer networks!



Company culture is a reflection of the worst behaviour you're willing to tolerate

"But until we have a burning platform, we don’t start to really think about investing in a culture transformation in an intentional way." - Mark Edgar

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It’s deeper than people thinking differently.

From the annals of SCNetwork presentations, three members weigh in on disruptive talent and their expectations -

"If raw disruptors are great at startups, established organizations desperately need leaders who take a highly collaborative approach to disruption from within. I call these special talents the "co-disruptors." - Edmond Mellina.

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by Colleen Clarke

Look for the good in people

Shut off your cynical voice when you meet new people, and people not of your ilk. Look for reasons to like them, look for the good in a new acquaintance. What you cannot relate to in a person, know that they may feel the same about you. Accentuate the positive.



"After nearly 10 years of economic growth, and despite a pervasive corporate focus on digital transformation, 84 percent of respondents (of Deloitte's 2019 Human Capital Trends Report)...need to rethink their workforce experience to improve productivity. And in the face of new pressures to move faster and adapt to a far more diverse workforce, 80 percent believe they need to develop leaders differently." If you missed Deloitte's presentation of their report, back in April, here's a brief recap.

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