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Climbing the corporate ladder on cruise control is no longer a thing

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In his book, The Power of Paradise, author Jonathan Holslag, professor of international politics in Brussels indicates that work, in our modern society, is accompanied by a general sense of malaise. He calls for renewed attention to meaning, recognition, and security - values that should be met in the workplace.

Before Holslags book came about, Nobel prize winner, Amartya Sen had introduced the Capability Approach (CA) stating that "individuals should have the capabilities to conceive, pursue, and revise their life plans." Sen espoused that capabilities, functionings, and freedom are the three key elements that made up the CA.

Based on Sen's CA framework, Dr. Jac van der Klink and his team at Tilburg University formulated the concept of sustainable employability, which they define as thus:

"Sustainable employability means that, throughout their working lives, workers can achieve tangible opportunities in the form of a set of capabilities. They also enjoy the necessary conditions that allow them to make a valuable contribution through their work, now and in the future, while safeguarding their health and welfare. This requires, on the one hand, a work context that facilitates this for them and on the other, the attitude and motivation to exploit these opportunities."

When organizations return to sustainable employability, the advantages are immediate - decrease in sickness absence and increase in productivity.

Employees, today, must work longer; organizations are getting flatter meaning people cannot put work on cruise control and automatically move into management functions; resignations cannot be taken for granted; and knowledge and experience develop much more rapidly, thanks to technological advancements.

The World Economic Forum calls for a "reskilling revolution". But where does one start?

"First we empower the employee, and then we empower the manager," says Jeroen Kluytmans, manager of employability at Dutch firm, DSM.

On November 19, Kim Spurgeon, senior vice president of sales at Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge, will take us on a deep dive into sustainable employability. Join us for "Replaceable to renewable: building a future-proof workforce" to learn practical must-dos and best practices on how you can take your first steps to build a renewable workforce. ;

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7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

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"Sustainable employability is an initiative that combines elements of engagement, career development, talent management, wellness and career transition. The goal is to ensure that employees are not only healthy, engaged and productive, but also prepared to adjust to future disruptions that may require them to take on entirely new roles within the company, or perhaps leave to find a new job." Read more about it here!

Join Kim Spurgeon, senior vice president of sales at Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge, to learn about the importance of sustainable employment in today’s economy. The session will include sharing of best practices and practical ideas you can take back to your workplaces.

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The National Club
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Thanks to our Featured Corporate Sponsor!

How confident are you that your leaders have uncovered all the leadership potential in the organization? What kind of bias exists in your talent systems and high potential selection?

In this interactive session, Mathieu Baril, Managing Director at DDI Canada, will address the barriers and challenges both individuals and organizations face that prevent hidden leadership talent from surfacing. Why didn't the organization spot the leadership potential in the first place? Why were there so many barriers to success? What other highly talented people are bumping up against the same barriers, but struggling to overcome them?

Together, we will:

  • Explore the business implications of missing hidden talent;
  • Learn how to identify your hidden talent and change how you think about potential;
  • Myth-bust your diversity assumptions—gender, generation, and functional background—that cause a failure to unleash the underdogs.
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Is AI just "another innovation"?

"It’s time to take a new approach to leadership development to provide leaders with the capabilities to succeed in the new world of work. Experiential events that build self-awareness and broader environmental awareness are critical. Once you’ve developed these new skills, hold people accountable to the new expectations" - Mark Edgar

Read more here...


by Colleen Clarke

Try to Stay in Touch

Don't expect to see an immediate or direct result from someone when you first meet them. Making an effort to keep congenial relationships alive can reap tremendous benefits in the long term. Develop a plan of different ways to stay visible with the people you meet, sending articles or podcasts they might enjoy, inviting them to a function, sharing a relevant book title or the name of someone who would benefit from knowing them. Take the initiative, stay in touch if that relationship has potential.



"It's not always about improving mental health, it's about creating awareness by bringing it up, by acknowledging it, and by repeating the message over and over", said Rensia Melles, Principal of Integral Workplace Health, and Ron Sparrow, VP of Source Line, when discussing what constitutes a psychologically healthy and safe workplace and sharing ways to improve mental health starting at the grassroots level. Here are some vital takeaways from their August presentation at SCNetwork.

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Dec 12, 2018
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Brady Wilson Co-founder of Juice Inc., Author, Thought Leader and Presenter

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