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Dispatches from Ground Zero

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Nothing has tested HR's "Employees First" credo than the pandemic. For many HR leaders, the virus presented an opportunity to step back from the way work was being done and the way they communicated with their employees. Overnight, cross collaboration between organizations and internal teams evolved, one would think, almost organically. This was a truly transformative moment for businesses that has changed the way we lead, do business, and make decisions for our people and organizations.

It's time now for leaders to move from triage mode to delving deeper into "what do we need to do for the future of HR?" - looking beyond this crisis to focus on the opportunities birthed by the pandemic, that could take HR and businesses to the next level.

Towards this end, we bring you "Leading Through a Pandemic: How Three CHROs Responded to COVID-19" during which, Mary-Jo Hewatt, SVP HR & Facilities at Genworth Canada, Katrina McFadden, VP of People and Culture Business Partner at TELUS, and Mark Wilson, SVP & CHRO at Loblaw will share their experiences from the pandemic’s ground zero.

Meet them at an exclusive CHRO panel discussion on July 22nd to learn more about each of their journeys from launching headline-making policies in the early days of the crisis to going above and beyond what was and is expected.

You've all read the headlines. Now is your chance to hear from the leaders themselves and get your burning questions answered, face-to-face.

Furthermore, for many of us networking has been on a pause for the past four months, but relationship building doesn’t have to be. In a hyper-connected world, said author J. Kelly Hoey, "Everything we do right now - from sending emails to making calls to sending texts - is more important than ever. How we make people feel now is going to linger longer than these turbulent times."

On July 7th, SCNetwork’s "Networking Now" is one hour when you can cut yourself some slack, check in with fellow members, and reach out to those you haven’t met or seen in a while. The hot topics are on us!

See you in July!


12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Join us for this networking session where you will get the opportunity to meet and check-in with your SCNetwork colleagues and peers. During a casual Zoom hour of candid conversations and catch-ups we will provide you with some hot topics to discuss. Come prepared with your burning questions and opinions that you would like to share with fellow members. This is your chance to reconnect with your peers and say hello to new members.

If you’re a new member of SCNetwork, this is your chance to meet our community. We would have loved to meet you at a live event, but since this is as “face-to-face” as we’re going to get, drop in, say hi, and tell us a bit about yourselves!

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8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. 

If the response to the 2008 financial crisis was led by the CFO, the human crisis that is the pandemic is one for the CHROs. Their work started back in March when the decision was made to close offices. They have been working tirelessly ever since. The initial focus of ensuring the health and safety of people evolved to ensuring people stayed engaged and productive during an extended period while working from home. Business implications of the pandemic are far reaching and the organizations that successfully adapt to the much discussed new (or next) normal will be the ones that succeed.

Join us to hear from three senior HR leaders about how they, their organizations, HR teams responded to the pandemic from ground zero. The panel includes:

Mary-Jo Hewatt
Senior Vice President
HR & Facilities
Genworth Canada
Katrina McFadden
Vice President
People & Culture
Business Partner
Mark Wilson
Senior Vice President & Chief HR Officer

Come prepared with your questions for what we’re confident will be an engaging and informative panel discussion moderated by Mark Edgar, SC Network Programming Chair and Founder of Goat Rodeo Project.

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8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Thanks to our Featured Corporate Sponsor!

COVID-19 has, forever, changed the world of work. The top security questions keeping business leaders awake at night are:

  • How will increased emphasis on working from home and remote working impact security and privacy issues in the workplace?
  • What do our new economic realities mean for privacy and security considerations?
  • What privacy and security challenges might arise with the reintegration of employees to a physical workplace?
  • What new policies and procedures need to be in place to manage privacy and security risks in a post-COVID-19 workplace?

 Our distinguished panel of speakers includes:

Blaine DonaisLL.B., LL.M. RPDR, C.MED, Q.ARB, PHSA, WFA
President & Founder, 
Workplace Fairness Institute

Jeff Clark CISSP
Cyber Security Resilience – Incident Response & Employee Investigations

Brian Dagg
Assistant Vice President, Cyber
Gallagher, Winnipeg

Jonnathan T. Foster C.Dir
Compensation Practice Leader &Vice President of Executive Compensation
Gallagher, Toronto

With them, we will explore and answer each of these questions from both a technical and a human perspective. We will dive into the challenges in two parts. Part 1 will focus on assessing the risks that the new realities pose for privacy of information and security. Part 2 will focus on managing those risks through a technical and human capital lens. 

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Visit SCNetwork’s COVID-19 Learning Lab to download these and other essential learning tools and insights from all our sponsors!! We thank our sponsors for sharing their valuable leadership learnings with us.



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5 HR Leaders talk about HR's new role

"I think for me the biggest call to action comes down to new ways and depths of sharing. In times of crisis, you see the worst in people, and you see the best in people. What we’ve also seen is a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted dollars." Employers have to reimagine short - and long-term people strategies in 'next normal
- Suanne Nielsen, President, Strategic Capability Network

Read here for more insights from our 5 CHROs...



If you're in job transition, we don't have to tell you that job searches are getting tougher and more emotional.

To inform your career transition process with the intelligence and care it needs, for as long as it takes, join the HRLT today!

Here's more! To find out if you’re a qualified candidate, contact HRLT’s Anne Bloom, to get more detailed information on how you can join!


Meet foHRsight by future foHRward—a weekly newsletter, bringing relevant HR insights to your inboxes, along with opinions & interpretations through a unique future foHRward lens. Recent events have triggered many companies to adapt to a new normal. While many of us have been on this “Future of Work” journey for a few years, we're all now adapting to the realities of a new world of work, that has been forced upon us overnight.

We know there's a lot of great information out there, but it can be overwhelming to find meaningful nuggets while at the same time keeping at least half an eye on the future. The objective of foHRsight is to inform, engage and rally our HR community around the stuff that matters now...and to continue driving the future foHRward.

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by Colleen Clarke

Rapport talk vs. Report talk

If you’re a man trying to build better rapport with women, adjust your language to include more rapport talk. On the other hand, women who want to build rapport with men might be better off adopting a more report talk style. Rapport talk gives lots of details and who said what to whom and then reach a conclusion. Report talk gives the outcome of the story first then fills in the details.



“Who has unconscious biases and where do they come from?” asks Mathieu Baril, Managing Director at DDI Canada. Unconscious biases may limit our thinking about hidden and overlooked potential in an organization. Hear Mathieu talk about the importance of healthy debate and transparency in the high potential review process.

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