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REFLECTIONS is a monthly commentary on business and HR issues by David Wexler. David Wexler is a senior member of SCNetwork, veteran of Vice President, HR roles in several major Canadian organizations and a thoughtful commentator in publications such as Canadian HR Reporter.

The Invisible Hand (of HR)

Posted: 2014-12-11 By David Wexler

Increasingly (although perhaps this has always been the case, and I just haven’t been paying attention), whenever I read business stories from business coaches (and former founders/CEOs), offering advice to Leaders on topics ranging from Employee Communications to figuring out your Organizational Model, one partner to the process always seems to be missing….HR.

To quote one such column: “Get the must-knows in the know quickly…these can include key Sales personnel, the plant manager, the CFO, and the Head of R&D…”

The advice offered to Leaders is always sound. The steps to be taken in any process covered are usually complete and well-thought through.

The individuals and/or teams though, key to ensuring that these processes refl.....

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